Juice Cleanse:

Our Just Juice Cleanse is designed for those interested in experiencing the deeper cleansing benefits of an all-liquid diet. The Just Juice Cleanse is maintained for a maximum of three days. I will guide you through the process of preparing your body for the cleanse and for gradually resuming a solid diet once it is finished.

By following an all-liquid diet, you will allow your organs to rest and restore instead of spending their energy on digestion. As a result, your organs will be able to efficiently devote energy to eliminating toxins during this three-day period.

On the Just Juice Cleanse, you will eliminate toxins, you might lose a few pounds, and you will experience renewed clarity, energy and radiant skin.

After successfully completing the Just Juice Cleanse, a customer said, “The juices and nut milks were delicious, I was not hungry, and I feel invigorated. It helped me curb my sugar craving.”
A sample menu

Lemon liver tonic
Green Goddess
Beet blood purifying juice
Cucumber hydrating aloe vera, lemon and lime juice
Happy Green Juice
Spiced cashew milk

Please take note of those who should not use this program:

  • Pregnant or nursing mothers;
  • Anyone with an acute infection;
  • Anyone recovering from a medical procedure, surgery or therapy;
  • Anyone with a bowel obstruction
  • Anyone with extreme weakness or extreme nutritional deficiencies or imbalance
  • Anyone under regular care of a physician for any disease, such as diabetes
  • Anyone taking prescribed medication

Trying to decide if this cleanse is right for you?
The juices and nut milks in this cleanse are delicious and will give you the purest form of nutrition while giving your body a chance to rest and reset. You will feel restored and vibrant after this cleanse.

We will cook all your food for the duration of the cleanse! We offer 1, 2 or 3 day Just Juice Cleanses. You do not have to do any food shopping, juicing or cleaning just pick-up your daily vibrant juices.


  • 1 Day Just Juice Cleanse $70

Please view calendar for dates and purchasing