Kitchen Tools:

Cook like your life depends on it………because it does.

It is vital to understand the impact of food on our health. When we make informed decisions about what to cook, which ingredients to buy, and how to cook them, we are taking ownership of what goes into our bodies.

With fast food so prevalent, it can be tempting to forgo proper cooking in order to save time. Eating out on occasion is a wonderful treat, but eating home-cooked meals is often even more enjoyable because it will improve your wellbeing in the long term. Find joy in cooking for yourself, and share the joy by cooking for others. Not only will it improve your health, but it will also bring you enormous satisfaction!

After completing a cleanse, many people are inspired to change the way they eat and incorporate more vegan and raw dishes into their diet. I often get questions from customers about what essential kitchen items they should have in order to start making delicious, healthy meals, so I have created this Kitchen Tools section as a guide.

Having the right tools will simplify your cooking process, making all the difference in execution, timing, and taste. For example, using a nut milk bag instead of cheesecloth to strain your nut milk is less messy and produces a much better result.

Most importantly, I hope these tools will help you cook more often and learn to truly enjoy it. Eating is something we do multiple times every single day, and putting aside a few hours to prepare foods with proper nutrients will fuel us with abundant energy so we can thrive!