I am so grateful for all the amazing feedback that we receive everyday. We love making a difference in people’s lives by preparing foods that are good for the body and promoting a sense of mindfulness that is good for the heart. We are thrilled that our customers are happily discovering a new way of eating that supports a healthy and joyful life.

Here are some messages people sent after their cleanse experience:

“Dear Isabel,
You are a MARVEL! I never, ever would have imagined we had such talent in the neighborhood. I’ve done cleanses and detoxes regularly for the last 8 years. Jill Pettijohn, Frank Lipman and Blue Print have been my “go to” resources and while all have afforded the results I’d hoped for, none have provided the exquisite tastes your gentle cleanse delivers. Your preparations in their variety and abundance are sensational. And the information and encouragement you kindly send out daily is not only personal but also highly informative and encouraging. I’m speechless! This experience has been outstanding and I long to introduce you to like-minded friends who will NEVER believe you exist in Dutchess County!”
Marion V


“Hi Isabel
A perfect fast! Each component was delicious and made me feel rewarded to be fasting. I had the opportunity to try different vegan foods that I would never have thought of on my own.

The green tea substitute for coffee worked fine – no withdrawal headache.

The morning tonic was super. Your Green Goddess made with a juicer was fantastic and much better than mine that I make with the Vitamix blender.

I loved the Nori wraps with Forbidden Rice. Would you recommend brands to buy of each of those so that I could try to make them myself?

The afternoon juice snack was a great energizer. And I just loved the Sunflower Pate along with the arugula salad with citrus vinaigrette. I really felt like I was indulging.

Your recipes have made me so aware of textures and seasonings. It’s hard to think of going back to eating like I did before.

You are so fantastic! Thank you so much.”
Cheryl M


“Isabel makes cleansing feel like an indulgence. You are being pampered with amazing food while taking great care of your body and soul. The love she puts into her food is felt in every bite! The fact that you don’t have to think about what to prepare or eat next leaves you time to focus on other ways to take care of yourself and not be tempted to break the cleanse. I often found myself wondering what delight I would be eating next! This was a real treat, thank you Isabel!”
Ani S


“Hi Isabel – Thank you for the delicious food and inspiration! I felt great this week and this was the perfect way to break some bad habits and get back on track. I would love to have any recipes you could send my way, particularly the juices and the slaw ingredients/dressings. I am going to try to sneak in some more vegan/raw with my family and I think they won’t object when it’s so delicious! :)”
Suzanne Q


“I cannot thank you enough for the endless parade of delicious meals. I am a cook myself but you introduced me to a whole new world of wonderful tastes. You are a true artist in the kitchen.. I am looking forward to more. “
Alexandra K


“Hi Isabel,
It was so nice to meet you yesterday! I have really been enjoying your healthy meals and juices. Today was the best!!! Loved the nori rolls, soup and sunflower pate! And I really enjoyed the sweet potato quinoa burger! Please come out with a cookbook soon! In the meantime, might you share some of the recipes? I’d love for the sunflower pate to become a staple in our house too!

Thank you for sharing your delicious treats and healthy wisdom with our Great Barrington group. I think Sally might ask you to cook for her every day!! 😉 “